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Called to Union

Mrs. Cindy Hedden is originally from England. She lived in England for the first three years of her life until she came to the US. She went back to England from ages eight to thirteen then returned to the states when she was thirteen.

Mrs. Cindy is married to Bro. David Hedden. Mrs. Cindy has five children and homeschooled all of them at some point in their schooling.

After her four oldest children left for college, Mrs. Cindy found UCCA. Ethan, her youngest son, came to Union to finish his high-school career. Then a few days after Ethan started Union, the school asked Mrs. Cindy to come work for them. She was very delighted and joined them soon after.

When asked, “What you would do to improve schools around the world?” Mrs. Cindy said she would add more music lessons, and add a school band to schools that do not have one. She reflected on how her daughter was having a very hard time with math. After a few weeks of piano lessons her math started to improve. “I think the sound of music calms you and helps you work and study better.”

“I was not sure if I was coming back to Union this year. I came back to Union, and I’m so glad I did. I love to see new kids learn and work through PACEs. I like to see our school improve with the newspaper and raising money for the gym. I love watching us grow bigger and bigger every year.” -Levi Turnage


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